IT Security

Unified Threat Management | Backup|Mobile Device Management|Security Assessment
When cyber security is of the utmost concern to your business, you have to know you are consistently protected. Alaziz for Information Technology’s Advanced Security provides a dedicated team to monitor your security 24/7/365. Security incidents are logged, concerns remediated, and you stay informed. Alaziz for Information Technology Advanced Security is there to provide peace of mind.

Mobile Device Management

Your employees are increasingly mobile, and threats can come from mobile devices just as easily as anywhere else. From policy setting to device validation to user education, our mobile device management assures that you are always secure, even if your employees are not.

Unified Threat Management

In order to truly secure your assets, you need to protect your network against threats including network intrusions, spam management, and illegitimate login attempts. Alaziz for Information Technology’s UTM protects your servers, Immediately addresses + fixes any potential security issues or breaches, and stays consistently up-to-date on methodology used by hackers seeking data.


When backup is the best way to ensure recovery from an attack, assuring a comprehensive backup solution is of the utmost importance. Alaziz for Information Technology provides a robust backup solution that protects against natural disaster, is fully redundant, actively backs up 24/7/365, and requires no user intervention.
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Security Assessment

Even the best designed cyber security plans can fail if not properly implemented or if one element falls short. Our security experts will perform a thorough assessment of your security infrastructure to determine where you are vulnerable and offer solutions to address those vulnerabilities.
The expertise they bring to our company not only in running the existing network but in the planning for growth and budgeting has been a tremendous asset.

Maria Anderson

CFO, Tech NY
Our company is no longer reacting to adverse network issues. I’m very pleased with our decision to outsource to Alaziz for Information Technology.

John Smith

Manager, Tele Service